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The Sounds That Brought You To Me

By Andre Thibault

The Sounds That Brought You To Me

Isn't it crazy how much music there is out there?

There are roughly 60,000 songs uploaded to Spotify every. single. day. And yet somehow, through emotional connectivity (and a little bit of capitalist "magic") we form communities around artists and songs that mean something to us.  We draw emotions and create memories inherently tied to them. We live our lives to the beat of their soundtrack.

For musicians, this connectivity and intertwining of life and music is exponentially amplified.  We are who we are because of music - that which we create, and that which inspires us.  We are the cumulative sound of every song and every artist we've ever connected with, and there are so many reasons that these connections take place.

I wanted to share with you a collection of my connections, my inspirations, my memories.  Grandson, Rage Against The Machine, Twenty One Pilots, Everlast, Childish Gambino. This is by no means exhaustive (and there are certain artists here whose entire catalog could and should be included), but this is the culmination of DRAE - the man and the artist.

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